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Expert and Qualified Eye Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Himanshu Mehta

Our commitment to clinical excellence is lead by Dr. Himanshu Mehta, a world-renowned ophthalmic surgeon, who has performed more than 50,000 eye surgeries. His wealth of experience ensures that The Vission Eye Center stays at the forefront of corrective eye surgery innovation and maintains the highest standards of patient care.

Dr Himanshu Mehta Ophthalmic Surgeon in mumbai
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Discover what our patient has to  say about our lasik surgery treatment with Dr Himanshu Mehta eye surgeon
This little patient has done lasik laser surgery with multifocal lens she had - 18 eyesight. Find what she has to say about Dr Himanshu Mehta Treatment
Watch what our international patient has to say about our lasik  eye surgery at Dr Himanshu Mehta.
This client was facing near and far vision sight problem that was corrected with laser eye surgery with dr himanshu mehta
Our patient has done lasik eye surgery  6 to 7 Years ago and till date he is able to see things clearly. Find what he has to say about us
We had done femtosecond laser cataract eye surgery for her second eye. In fact, she was searching for a perfect Eye Surgeon in Mumbai for 4 Years.
Know what teacher has to say about multifocal lens implementation blateraly few days ago by Dr. himanshu mehta
Explore what our patient has to say about femto-second laser cataract surgery multifocal by Dr Himanshu Mehta
We had brought our little client's vision by implanting femtosecond LASIK surgery. She is just feeling absolutely amazing this surgery by Dr Himanshu Mehta.
Our patient has done femto laser LASIK surgery to reduce its big numbers glasses. Disover what she want to say about the process.
Recently we performed femtosecond Laser surgery for our patient's left eye while on right eye we did normal surgery.
Know what our patient has to say about femto laser  surgery done at The Vission Eye Center Maumbai.
Our international patient appreciated our femtosecond lasik surgery  bu Dr Himanshu Mehta and is able to see the objects clearly.
Our foreign patient has done LASIK surgery 48 hours back. Find how does she feels and what was her experiencee
Know what is foreign client has to say about our femtosecond Lasik cataract surgery which was done less than 12 hours back.
Discover what Mr. Richard has to say all about femtosecond Lasik surgery done in less than 24 hours
We just decided to meet our foreign client that has undergone Femtosecond Laser Lask surgery done 2 days back.

Medical Tourism

Thousands of individuals travel abroad each year especially to India for medical care. It is known world over that India not only offers the best expertise but also affordable healthcare. The Vission Eye Center is one of the most popular eye clinics in Mumbai. Led by Dr Himanshu Mehta who has over 25 years of experience, The Vission Eye Center has catered to more than 56 countries.

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