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Exceptional corneal topography

  • Complete spectrum of optical measurements, data analysis and image representations
  • Automatic keratoconus recognition
  • Zernike and Fourier analysis
  • Automatic eye recognition (OD/OS)
  • Pupil center shift function over multiple lighting conditions
  • Used with topography-guided procedures

A complete map of the cornea

  • Provides immediate visibility of visual defects, including decentrations, keratoconus, astigmatism and tilt
  • Highlights aberrations and their influence using a refractive map
  • References body, radius and asphericity through an interactive elevation map
  • Helps ensure precise centration by using integrated real keratometer and automatic measuring release
  • Topography, keratometry and pupillometry in a single device
  • Delivers data for precise cyclotorsion control
  • Provides seamless data transfer to the WaveLight® Refractive Suite through WaveNet™, an integrated computer network

Precision, efficiency and accuracy

  • Based on the placido disc system
  • References 22,000 elevation points to generate high-resolution corneal images
  • Measuring times of less than a second, once pupil centration is achieved
  • High reproducibility and accuracy of data

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