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The VERION Reference Unit enables surgeons to quickly determine an optimized surgical plan for toric or multifocal procedures with
  • Customizable incision and implantation axis planning
  • Built-in IOL calculation formulas, including lens and power selection
  • Intuitive astigmatism management software
The VERION Digital Marker optimizes IOL implantation by:
  • Providing real-time positioning guides
  • Automatically compensating for cyclorotation
  • Enabling accurate centration and alignment with patient registration
  • Eliminating the need for manual eye marking during toric procedures
The VERION Reference Unit makes planning your astigmatism correction a simple and straightforward process, allowing you to:
  • Select the percentage of astigmatism correction performed by the IOL or relaxing incision using a unique slider bar
  • View appropriate lens selections based on your procedural preference
  • Access incision location recommendations that take into account the patient’s astigmatic corneal curvature
  • Automatically account for SIA

dr. himanshu mehta verion image guide eye test

The VERION Digital Marker M helps ensure your manual incisions are placed precisely where you want them. It does this by displaying a 360˚ digital ring with primary and secondary incision indicators that continually follow patient eye movement.Advanced eye tracking technology ensures your incisions go exactly where you want them.Correctly aligning a toric lens within the chamber is essential for positive refractive outcomes. The VERION™ Digital Marker M displays a positioning guide during this phase, eliminating the need for manual eye marking and helping you correctly rotate the IOL to an exact degree according to your surgical VERION™ Image Guided System is designed to offer improved precision, consistency and control in cataract refractive surgery.

The VERION™ Image Guided System Can help:
  • Minimize data transcription errors
  • Improve clinical efficiency
  • Increase toric and multifocal IOL confidence
  • Ensure surgical consistency
  • Optimize visual outcomes
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